General Location Map:

Unity Park

WDUA helped the City of Winona generate the idea of a permanent site at the East end of Lake Park for the annual Great Dakota Gathering & Homecoming and other community events. The park:

  • Was designed and developed by the City in Collaboration with the WDUA
  • Was blessed by Dakota Elders in 2009
  • Is located on a peninsula under the city landmark, “Sugar Loaf,” which was called “Wapasha’s Cap” when Chief Wapasha and his band of Dakota Indians lived in the area until 1853.
  • Dance circle and stage are made of limestone that was quarried decades ago for use in the Wagon Bridge over the Mississippi to Aghaming Park. When the bridge was renovated the stones were relocated to Unity park.
  • Landscaping and gardens with indigenous plantings provide an appropriate and beautiful setting for any event, but especially for the Gathering.

Site Map:

(Click on link below to open downloadable PDF of Site map)

Map of the 2017 Gathering