Native American Interpretive Center

The WDUA as a body feel the proposal for a Native American Interpretive Center has potential to enhance the mutual benefit and understanding between the city of Winona as well as the surrounding region with the original inhabitants of this land. The potential for this Native American Interpretive Center to be used as a resource for knowledge not just of history but also current issues, culture, art, and language is of value to our organization.

This can be a step towards reconciliation that has a permanent home within the city of Winona as we recognize that this is not the first time a center of this kind has been proposed in our town. This would also take another step towards fulfilling our Covenant of Friendship between Dakota Nations and the city of Winona. However, the Winona Dakota Unity Alliance realizes there is more in depth planning needed regarding this proposal before we are able to endorse or support it as a whole.

As this proposal is in the beginning stages of planning, the Winona Dakota Unity Alliance commits support for the idea or concept of this proposed Native American Interpretive Center at this point in time. The Winona Dakota Unity Alliance believes that ensuring the information available from within this facility is educational as well as accurate, is of utmost importance. Being true to what Indigenous community’s needs are, is also of utmost importance if this Native American Interpretive Center is meant to sustain reconciliation, healing, and growth. This will require cooperation as well as collaboration with Native communities and the city of Winona.

With these points in mind the Winona Dakota unity Alliance looks forward to further talks regarding this proposal. Our hope is that further discussion brings about a definitive plan for the Native American Interpretive Center in a good way to serve The People and generations to come.