Land Stewardship Project

The Winona Dakota Unity Alliance would like to thank the Land Stewardship Project for inviting our organization to support the ban on frac sand mining operations within Winona County, to lend our name to this cause, and speak publicly on the ban.

As this request is not only asking for an environmental commitment, but also a political commitment from the WDUA, we do not take this lightly. This request falls in line with our mission, vision, and values of the WDUA. It also aligns with our covenant made with the city of Winona and the Dakota. As our covenant states, “… The City of Winona, in cooperation with the Winona-Dakota Unity Alliance, agrees to make good faith efforts to preserve and protect the natural environment surrounding Winona… ”.

While considering our covenant made with the city of Winona and the Dakota, it is important and essential to acknowledge the indigenous community’s viewpoints who have also signed this agreement. The office of Roger Trudell, Tribal Chairman of the Santee Sioux Nation, has communicated that in no way does the Nation support the hydraulic fracturing industry. That sentiment also extends to the resource extraction that makes “fracing” for oil possible, frac sand mining. In keeping with good faith and mutual understanding with indigenous communities of this region we aim to create sustainable alliances carefully and transparently as an organization.

With that, we as the Winona Dakota Unity Alliance publicly support a ban on frac sand mining operations within Winona County. This action allows us to participate in our mission, vision, values, and covenant. We look forward to further collaboration with the Land Stewardship Project among other organizations as well as the Winona County board on this matter. Mitakuye Oyasin – All our relations, in the Dakota language.

Humbly and with hope,

Aaron Camacho

Winona Dakota Unity Alliance – President