Sacred Stone Camp

The WDUA traveled to the Sacred Stone Camp October 21st to bring supplies and build a greenhouse for our water protectors. We stand with Standing Rock.

Testimonial from Chloe Maki (age 10)
On Thursday October 6th my mom and I drove to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. We went to support the Native American tribes that had gathered there. They are protesting the building of an oil pipeline (which) would contaminate their drinking water and that of eight million people living down stream on the Missouri River!

The thing that got me the most was it seemed like a HUGE family! Everyone was helping everyone else out. Between meals everybody was down at the kitchen sitting around the fire singing, laughing, and having fun! I love it there!

October 10th is traditionally observed as Columbus Day. Native Americans have chosen this day to celebrate a new holiday honoring Native Americans, it is called Indigenous Peoples day.

Testimonial from Board Member

The situation in North Dakota is startling. The warmth of these people was outstanding. I felt like a welcomed member of the community on day one. When building the greenhouse we wouldn’t think about food we were so busy, but people stopped by regularly to tell us when food was being served or even to bring us food without us ever asking. We were there for one weekend and these people who had never met us before thought enough of us to ensure we were fed. This made me forget the disconcerting feeling as planes and helicopters kept constant watch over a peaceful community. The camp still felt like home.

This is in huge contrast to the feeling I had driving home. The roads we traveled were filled with police and military alike decked out and ready for action. I felt like I was driving through the war torn middle East. Not the Midwest. It is one thing to see video of it online, to have a sense of disconnect even though you logically know bad things are happening; and another thing entirely to experience it, to see it with your own eyes. To FEEL it.

This is our country, our home, our people. GOOD people. Amazing, brave, strong, and resilient people, but they need our help. We have to ensure that no matter how many are arrested for peaceful protests there will be twice as many to take their place. We can not allow this injustice to continue. The reaction of the ‘authorities’ was so over blown to the camps of these wonderful water protectors. The treatment of these people is absolutely heartbreaking.

This is like the poem “First They Came..” and I will not stand idly by as this happens. We must stand in solidarity with Standing Rock. We must protect our water and our civil rights. We must not be idle.

If nothing else think on Proverbs 31:9 “Speak up, judge righteously, and defend the rights of the afflicted and oppressed.”

This is happening right here, not some far off place. Don’t stay silent. Please.

Driving down 1806 Sept 21st we see the beginning of what we will later come to find out is a massive police and military encampment.

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