Visits to Reservations and Reserves

In 1862, all Dakota were exiled from Minnesota and all existing treaties were nullified. Some of the people were relocated to Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Montana. Others were killed or fled to Canada. Although four tiny Reservations were established in Minnesota some years later, most people never saw their homeland again. Since 2003, representatives of WDUA have been:

  • Visiting Reservations (U.S.) and Reserves (Canada) to establish friendships, facilitate opportunities to work together, and invites the descendants of those people back for the Great Dakota Gathering & Homecoming.
  • Attending the Dakota Chiefs conference of Canada and United States at the International Peace Garden, Dunsieth, North Dakota to talk about the Winona-Dakota Unity Alliance, our efforts for reconciliation, and the Friendship Covenant.
  • Participating in initiatives such as the meeting between Winona County’s Director of Planning and Environmental Services and Chairman of the Tribal Council of Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate at the Lake Traverse reservation in Northeastern South Dakota. The tribe was interested in conducting a comprehensive plan for the reservation’s 7 districts including evaluation of the reservation’s zoning and land use controls; and strategies for protecting Sacred Sites.